AdvanceH20 Increasing Energy Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment Facilities Kartik Chandran - Principal Investigator (right) Young Lee - Entrepreneurial Lead (left) AdvanceH2O is developing next-generation monitoring & data informatics platforms that can help water managers worldwide avert environmental and health calamities that can result [...]

Allied Microbiota


Allied MicroBiota Energy Efficient, Biologically Mediated Breakdown of Organic Pollutants Ray Sambrotto - Technical Lead Frana James - Entrepreneurial Lead Toxic waste contamination prevents the full use of real estate and depresses property values. We provide property owners and their site managers with [...]

ARL Designs


ARL Designs Antireflective Superhydrophobic Self-Cleaning Films Alan Lyons - Principal Investigator Beth Kujan - Entrepreneurial Lead QianFeng Xu - Technical Lead Jen-Chieh Liu - Research Scientist The Project Currently, photovoltaic panels suffer from reduced energy output due (1) to reflection of incident light at [...]

Battery Fingerprint Tech


Battery Fingerprint Tech MRI-based technology that can diagnose a battery’s health without destroying the battery Principal Investigator - Alexej Jerschow (right) Entrepreneurial Lead - Emilia Silletta (center) Entrepreneurial Lead - Mohaddese Mohammadi (left) The Project Batteries are ubiquitous. They are in our phones, computers, cars [...]

Blue Instrument Inc.


Blue Instrument Inc. Optic sensors to detect abnormalities in wind turbines Principal Investigator - Nikhil Gupta (not pictured) Entrepreneurial Lead - Yi Yang (right) Mentor - Lindsay Drogin (left) The Project Wind energy is the fastest growing clean energy sector, with over $112 B invested [...]

Brooklyn Bioscience


Brooklyn Bioscience An engineered enzyme that breaks down pesticides into products that can be easily removed with water. Principal Investigator - Jin Montclare (not pictured) Entrepreneurial Lead - Andrew Olsen (left) Technical Lead - Priya Katyal (right) The Project The remediation and detoxification [...]



C.TrAm Cable Transient Ampacity Software to Monitor the Temperature of Electric Cables Principal Investigator - Franciso de Leon Entrepreneurial Lead - Marc Diaz-Aguilo Entrepreneurial Lead - Matthew Terraciano The Project C.TrAm is a piece of control and design software capable of computing the [...]



ChromoSense Sensor Technology for Groundwater Monitoring Reducing Energy, Lowering Cost, Enhancing Data Quality Gamal Khalid - Technical Lead Filip Mlekicki - Entrepreneurial Lead There are currently 3 million contaminated sites globally, costing an annual $36 Billion+ to remediate. The optimization of cleanup operations for [...]



Concertio Concertio (formerly DatArcs)  is cutting data center equipment expenditure and energy costs by making better use of existing hardware CEO - Tomer Morad Mentor - David Levine In a world threatened by increasing energy consumption and waste, Concertio is cutting data center [...]



CPWaterTech A Non-Chemical Green Process to Treat Wastewater  Principal Investigator - Devinder Mahajan Entrepreneurial Lead - Jay Hasty The Project Wastewater treatment at the U.S. Publicly Owned Treatment Works accounts for 2% of total U.S. electricity, emits 30 million metric tonnes CO2e or [...]