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Project Description


Increasing Energy Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Kartik Chandran – Principal Investigator (right)
Young Lee – Entrepreneurial Lead (left)

AdvanceH2O is developing next-generation monitoring & data informatics platforms that can help water managers worldwide avert environmental and health calamities that can result from inefficient water treatment practices. Simultaneously in the process, AdvanceH2O will help satisfy priority customer cost needs and add differentiating value by catalyzing the following:

  1. “Predict” and “prevent” operational failures to avoid regulatory violations and exorbitant fines ($30K+ per day in some cases).
  2. Reduce energy and chemical demands, ultimately by 60%+ and 95%+ respectively.
  3. Reduce monitoring equipment such as sensors, their onerous maintenance, and complex data management.

Events such as the Flint Water Crisis and the Legionnaire’s Disease outbreak in the Bronx, NY were all avoidable had more sophisticated monitoring and data analytics programs been in place. Moreover, according to the EPA, there are thousands of outstanding regulatory violations, and $700BN+ will be needed for US water infrastructure improvements ($20TN globally). The combination of increasing EPA stringency and all-time high water demands has been leading to debilitating resource costs such as that for energy and chemicals. For example, US water treatment already accounts for 4-6% of total annual national electricity consumption, and this energy footprint could double in 5-10 years (and has already doubled for some of our major water utility partners).

AdvanceH2O was awarded a PowerBridgeNY grant to help overcome these challenges. Our team and transformative solutions reflect nearly 20 years of expertise in developing unique combinations of microbial, chemical, and proprietary data analytics. AdvanceH2O is a 2018 awardee of the Columbia Venture Competition and was a member of the 2017 cohort of the Cleantech Open Accelerator. AdvanceH2O’s Principal Investigator, Dr. Kartik Chandran, Columbia University, is a recipient of the MacArthur “Genius” Fellowship, an NSF Career Award, and NSF I-Corps award for his work pertaining to AdvanceH2O’s core innovations.


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