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Project Description

Battery Fingerprint Tech

MRI-based technology that can diagnose a battery’s health without destroying the battery

Battery Fingerprint Tech

Principal Investigator – Alexej Jerschow (right)
Entrepreneurial Lead – Emilia Silletta (center)
Entrepreneurial Lead – Mohaddese Mohammadi (left)

The Project

Batteries are ubiquitous. They are in our phones, computers, cars and airplanes. The use of alternative energy and electrically powered vehicles will further increase the demand for better and safer batteries. The well-known Samsung disaster, caused by defective batteries, cost Samsung $5B in the recall, and $25B in the stock market. This incident along with others (SONY recall, Dreamliner grounding) highlights the importance of battery performance and reliability for the success of battery integrators, such as cell phone manufacturers, electric vehicle makers, and electrical storage developers. But there is currently no way to diagnose a battery’s health without destroying the battery. Our technology changes that.

Our MRI-based technology is fast (5 sec) and specific to common battery manufacturing defects and battery failure and ageing processes. It can be performed in a compact manner (benchtop-size device, for example, on a manufacturing line). Our technological innovations include:

  • The ability to detect battery defects by measuring tiny magnetic field changes surrounding the device.
  • The ability to perform measurements during device operation (in situ and in operando).
  • The development of benchtop-size instrumentation for implementation of the techniques in a compact, nondestructive and rapid manner.

The unique features of our technology aim to provide new tools to battery manufacturers, cell phone makers, electric vehicle manufacturers, and stationary electrical storage manufacturers. This technology will help to make higher capacity and safer batteries, save manufacturing costs, and reduce the companies’ risk margins.


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