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Project Description


A Non-Chemical Green Process to Treat Wastewater 

Principal Investigator – Devinder Mahajan

Entrepreneurial Lead – Jay Hasty

The Project

Wastewater treatment at the U.S. Publicly Owned Treatment Works accounts for 2% of total U.S. electricity, emits 30 million metric tonnes CO2e or 0.3% of total GHG emissions. California has an ambitious goal to increase water recycling from 650,000 to 2 million acre-feet/year by 2030 and the U.S. needs to update treatment plants is projected to increase by $74 billion by 2040. Commercial processes offered are multi-step, require several thousand gallons of chemicals that makes them expensive and complex. CPWaterTech offers a chemical-less, novel one-step process, mediated by an inexpensive gas, that could reduce land and processing cost by at least 70%.


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