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Project Description

IM Technologies

Low Cost, Rare Earth Metal and Nanoparticle Production from Waste Materials for US Industry Feedstock 

Principal Investigator – Vasily Jorjadze

Entrepreneurial Lead – Martin Wolff

Team Member – Axel Drees

The Project

IM Technologies has created a clean, metallothermic process for extracting rare earth elements out of the 15-20 tons/day of waste powder that sits unused from recycling fluorescent lightbulbs. Our process will reduce the US’s nearly complete dependence on China for these valuable, commonly used materials and make them available to U.S. distributors and the DoD. The same core technology can also be applied to produce metal nanoparticles, some of which can cost $1,000’s/ounce. Because our process is much simpler than existing methods, we will produce both products for at least 30% lower cost and energy consumption.


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