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Project Description

ARL Designs

Antireflective Superhydrophobic Self-Cleaning Films

Alan Lyons РPrincipal Investigator
Beth Kujan – Entrepreneurial Lead
QianFeng Xu – Technical Lead
Jen-Chieh Liu – Research Scientist

The Project

Currently, photovoltaic panels suffer from reduced energy output due (1) to reflection of incident light at the air-glass interface and (2) to accumulation of dust/pollen/ice on the exterior glass surface.

This technology, proven in the lab to be both anti-reflective and self-cleaning, presents a breakthrough opportunity of up to 40% additional energy harvest. With PBNY funding the team has scaled-up to a continuous process and is producing 300 prototypes for field-testing through the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), under DOE’s SuNLaMP program.

This team has been accepted into the new CUNY iHUB incubator, won a 2015 National Innovation Award, received a Technology Enhancement for Commercial Partnerships grant from NSF and presented Kleanboost data at NREL’s 2016 PV Module Reliability Workshop. The team is active in the international Photovoltaic Quality Assurance Taskforce’s Task 12 which is developing standards to measure soiling behavior across the globe.


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