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Project Description


CarbonSul is a platform bioprocess technology that creates sustainable chemicals using oil and gas waste and byproducts.

Co-Principal Investigator – Alan West
Co-Principal Investigator – Scott Banta
Entrepreneurial Lead – Tim Kernan
Entrepreneurial Lead – Xiaozheng

CarbonSul provides a smarter source of chemicals used to make everyday plastics. Using sulfur and carbon dioxide, major byproducts of oil and gas refining, CarbonSul creates environmentally positive, drop-in equivalents to chemicals found in today’s consumer and industrial plastics. Sulfur is a dense energy source that powers CarbonSul’s process to reconstruct dirty carbon dioxide molecules into valuable chemicals.

CarbonSul’s biosynthetic process is resilient because the underlying bacteria is robust. The bacteria they use naturally metabolize sulfur and utilize carbon dioxide. Unlike biomass-based technologies, CarbonSul uses well-defined, reliable feedstocks that can be acquired for low-to-no cost. The bacteria function in acidic environments which limits expensive contamination issues and increases reliability.

A market driven application, CarbonSul improves the oil and gas industry’s operational efficiency and creates new sources of value. With 1 million tons of abundant, low-cost sulfur, CarbonSul can transform 1 million tons of dirty carbon dioxide into $1 billion of valuable chemicals. Their bioprocess capitalizes on abundant, low-cost byproducts and supply chain efficiencies to create economically viable alternatives to biomass and petroleum-based chemicals.


CarbonSul is a spin-off of Ironic Chemicals, a Cycle 1 awardee. The team is applying for an SBIR Phase 2 grant to increase the bacterium’s efficiency levels for commercial application.


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