DFM Power Corporation


DFM Power Corporation Resonant Power Inverters Optimized for Highly Efficient Wireless Charging Dariusz Czarkowski - Principal Investigator Francisco de Leon - Principal Investigator Mariusz Bojarski - Entrepreneurial Lead Abhirami Viswakumar - Entrepreneurial Lead The Project This project is focused on resonant power inverters [...]



EcoNell Pilot Production of High Efficiency Sorbents for Cost-effective Carbon Capture Genggeng Qi - Principal Investigator Brenda Fisher - Principal Investigator Emmanuel Giannelis - Entrepreneurial Lead Simon Cen - Entrepreneurial Lead Paco Royano - Entrepreneurial Lead The Project The team’s high-efficiency solid sorbents that [...]

Energy Harvesting Technology


Energy Harvesting Technology Vibration Energy Harvester to Power Trackside Electrical Railroad Infrastructure Lei Zuo - Principal Investigator Teng Lin - Technical Lead The team has formed a company called Energy Harvesting Technology. Our technology provides the railroad industry with the ability to harvest [...]

Evolving Algal Strains


Evolving Algal Strains Evolving New Algal Strains to Reduce Production Costs in the Biofuel and Nutraceutical Industries Ken Birnbaum - Entrepreneurial Lead (right) Mark Miller - CEO (left) This NYU team has developed an innovative process using microfluidics and fluorescent detection to accelerate the evolution [...]

Grid Symphony


Grid Symphony Roger Anderson - Principal Investigator Ariel Fan - Entrepreneurial Lead The Project Grid Symphony will save billions of dollars for utilities by reducing 60-80% of energy lost in transmission and distribution by avoiding structural redundancies, strengthening grid resiliency and lowering electricity costs [...]

Harmony Transformers


Harmony Transformers Harmonic Mitigating Power Transformer Baris Kovan - Entrepreneurial Lead Francisco de Leon - Technical Lead Proposed technology is a novel transformer design that mitigates harmonics to save energy and reduce electricity cost for the facility owner (i.e. Building) in addition to [...]

HIGHEST Transformers


HIGHEST Transformers High-Efficiency Shielded Toroidal Transformers Francisco de Leon - Principal Investigator Saeed Jazebi - Entrepreneurial Lead HIGHEST Transformers (HIGH Efficiency Shielded Toroidal transformers) are designed to help distribution network operators save energy. HIGHEST transformers have higher efficiency, greater over-load capability, and increased [...]

Ironic Chemicals


Ironic Chemicals Chemicals and fuels from electricity to CO2 Co-Principal Investigator - Alan West Co-Principal Investigator - Scott Banta Entrepreneurial Lead - Tim Kernan Entrepreneurial Lead - Xiaozheng The Project Alan West and Scott Banta have a means of producing fuels and chemicals [...]



Lionano Advanced Li-ion Battery Anode Material Principal Investigator - Alex Yu Entrepreneurial Lead - Siyu Huang Technical Advisor - Héctor D. Abruña Lionano (the “Company”) is a supplier of high-performance, high-quality materials for lithium-ion battery manufacturers. The Company has developed a proprietary, nano-engineered [...]

Manifold Robotics


Manifold Robotics A Clean and Sustainable Robot for Aquatic Applications Entrepreneurial Lead - Jeffrey Laut Technical Lead - Maurizio Porfiri Manifold Robotics is developing technologies for the safe, thorough, and cost- effective collection of data in surface waters. These types of environments are [...]