Lionano Advanced Li-ion Battery Anode Material Principal Investigator - Alex Yu Entrepreneurial Lead - Siyu Huang Technical Advisor - Héctor D. Abruña Lionano (the “Company”) is a supplier of high-performance, high-quality materials for lithium-ion battery manufacturers. The Company has developed a proprietary, nano-engineered [...]

Manifold Robotics


Manifold Robotics A Clean and Sustainable Robot for Aquatic Applications Entrepreneurial Lead - Jeffrey Laut Technical Lead - Maurizio Porfiri Manifold Robotics is developing technologies for the safe, thorough, and cost- effective collection of data in surface waters. These types of environments are [...]

MEAn Technology


MEAn Technology Higher Power Density PEM Fuel Cells Using Nanotechnology Miriam Rafailovich - Technical Lead Ron Tabbitas - Entrepreneurial Lead Mike Rubino - Entrepreneurial Lad Wayne Gutschow - Advisor Rene Dubois - Fuel Cell Industry Business Development Consultant Hong Fei Li - Doctorate Level Student Lead [...]



MetaRe Cool roof coatings that reduce production costs by 50% and AC costs by 20% April Tian - Entrepreneurial Lead Nanfang Yu - Technical Lead Through our innovative paint products, we share the latest discoveries in nano-photonics with everyone, everywhere. While being 50% [...]



NanoSulf Catalytic Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide Contamination From Gases Devinder Mahajan - Technical Lead Julia Hasty - Entrepreneurial Lead David Tonjes - Team Member Methane sources (landfills, wastewater facilities) naturally produce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) contaminated "biogas" that pose nuisance to public. Once H2S [...]



NoEnergyWasted Battery Replacement Module for HVAC Sensors Yiannis Andreopoulos - Principal Investigator Niell Elvin - Principal Investigator Oleg Goushcha - Entrepreneurial Lead This project seeks to replace batteries in HVAC sensors by harvesting electrical energy from the fluid flow inside an HVAC duct. The module [...]



plugSTRATE A Low-Cost Wireless Monitor for Energy Use Analysis John Kymissis - Principal Investigator Shyuan Yangv - Entrepreneurial Lead Fabio Carta - Technical Lead plugSTRATE has a proprietary connector design and a modern architecture which enables the development of ultra-low-cost, multi-parameter monitoring units. [...]



QUATCARE Antimicrobial media for pretreatment of industrial waters  Principal Investigator - Bill Blanford Entrepreneurial Lead - Mario Mercado Team Member - Gregory O'Mullan Team Member - Robert Engel The Project QUATCARE provides sustainable eco-friendly antimicrobial solutions for industrial water treatment systems and heating/cooling [...]



Railon Monitoring safety and environmental compliance in rail freight transportation through video analysis and forecasting Entrepreneurial Lead - Tim Vercruysse Technical Lead - Steven Skiena Mentor - Patrick Verdonck Railon Analytics is a data service that tracks the speed, location, and cargo of passenger [...]



sHYp Electrolysis-based Ballast Water Treatment in Ports  Principal Investigator - Daniel Esposito Entrepreneurial Lead - Carl Fisher The Project Invasive species transported around the world in the ballast water tanks of ships have created an international environmental calamity that costs the global economy [...]