Current Teams

Cycle 1: Increasing Energy Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Home Institution: Columbia University

The Team
Principal Investigator - Kartik Chandran (right)
Entrepreneurial Lead - Young Lee (left)
The Project

This project supports the advancement of transformative technologies that can help significantly reduce operational costs for both existing and future, water and wastewater treatment facilities.  These reductions can emanate from areas of concern such as energy consumption (cost savings of greater than 50%) and chemical consumption (cost savings of up to 100%).  Moreover, the technologies can provide solutions to broad applications, from the smaller facilities to the largest municipal wastewater treatment plants.

 The PowerBridgeNY award will help facilitate one of the first steps in the achievement of these transformative goals:  the development of an advanced platform for the monitoring/analyses of biological and chemical parameters in treatment processes.  The platform will consist of a completely automated drone based monitoring system that will allow for monitoring with a high degree of resolution in three dimensional space (x-y-z).  In addition, the platform can help detect problems as early as possible and thereby, help deter process down time.