Current Teams

Cycle 1: plugSTRATE: A Low-Cost Wireless Monitor for Energy Use Analysis

Home Institution: Columbia University

The Team
Principal Investigator - John Kymissis (middle)
Entrepreneurial Lead - Shyuan Yangv (top)
Technical Lead - Fabio Carta (bottom)
The Project

plugSTRATE has a proprietary connector design and a modern architecture which enables the development of ultra-low-cost, multi-parameter monitoring units. The low cost, combined with native wireless capability, allows real-time data collection and analysis from a large number of monitors which increases audit efficiency, improves data quality, and reduces costs for both auditors and clients. With the PowerBridgeNY funds, the team will investigate the IP landscape and determine how scale up will affect the overall cost of the product.

Plugstrate also won "Best demo" at the NYC Media Lab symposium earlier in 2015.

We can congratulate team members Fabio and Shyuan on successfully defending their theses and on their new positions (Fabio is at IBM and Shyuan is at Apple).

The technology will be absorbed by Radiator Labs, which recently won an NSF Phase 1 STTR award to develop the technology into a temperature sensor.