Current Teams

Cycle 2: WeatherWatt - Weather-Driven Energy Forecasting System for Commercial Buildings and Energy Managers in Urban Areas

Home Institution: CUNY

The Team
Technical Lead - Jorge Gonzalez (top left)
Entrepreneurial Lead - Stephen Neufeld (top middle)
Entrepreneurial Lead - Luis Ortiz (top right)
Advisor - Mark Arend (bottom left)
Advisor - Tom Legbandt (bottom right)
The Project

This CUNY team has developed a weather driven energy forecasting system with days-ahead, zero-touch capabilities. The technology couples a building energy model with a weather forecasting system allowing for prediction of energy demands for every building in an entire city simultaneously. This allows the team to bring detailed information to energy managers, traders, and other stakeholders to make more informed decisions.

The team has successfully completed a pilot project at City College of New York and has incorporated as WeatherWatt.