Current Teams

Cycle 2: Evolving New Algal Strains to Reduce Production Costs in the Biofuel and Nutraceutical Industries

Home Institution: NYU College of Arts and Sciences

The Team
Entrepreneurial Lead - Ken Birnbaum (left)
Technical Lead - Keith Arora-Williams (right)
The Project

This NYU team has developed an innovative process using microfluidics and fluorescent detection to rapidly evolve new algal strains that increase production of valuable products. They plan to license new strains as new cultivars with higher oil content for the biofuel industry. However, to first enter the market, they will produce algal strains for the biofuel industry’s co-product health supplement market by optimizing the production of products such as the anti-oxidant astaxanthin.

The team is in the process of testing the effectiveness of their technology using a commercial algae strand provided by a current astaxanthin producer.