Current Teams

Cycle 2: Higher Power Density PEM Fuel Cells Using Nanotechnology

Home Institution: Stony Brook University

The Team
Technical Lead - Miriam Rafailovich (top left)
Entrepreneurial Lead - Ron Tabbitas (top middle)
Entrepreneurial Lad - Mike Rubino (top right)
Advisor - Wayne Gutschow (bottom left)
Advisor - Corrine Graham (bottom right)
Fuel Cell Industry Business Development Consultant - Rene Dubois
Doctorate Level Student Lead for Technology Development - Hong Fei Li
Miriam Rafailovich, PhD, Principle Investigator (PI), Distinguished Professor, Chief Scientist,  and Co-Director Program in Chemical and Molecular Engineering, Stony Brook University.

Ron Tabbitas, CO- Entrepreneurial Lead,  President of Technology Transfer Agent DSA Dynamic Supplier Alignment, Inc.,  Supply Chain Management expert specializing in high technology development in the defense industry.

Michael Rubino, CO- Entrepreneurial Lead,  COO of technology transfer and commercialization agent for  Dynamic Supplier Alignment, Inc., facilitated the commercialization of the STAR ™ Solar Generator, Hunter Shelters, and Direct Coupling. 

Wayne A. Gutschow, Product Engineer, VP of Engineering, Nextek Power Systems. Prior successful start-up's include Air Pro Systems and PerfectSense Inc.

Corrinne Graham, PhD,  President of GICR. Project finance and economic support.

Chris Cavanagh, Team Mentor and Renewable Energy Advisor. Principal engineer in the New Products/Energy Services team at National Grid.

Rene Dubois, Fuel Cell Industry Business Development Consultant

Hong Fei Li, Doctorate Level Student Lead for Technology Development

The Project

The market potential for PEM fuel cells operating on hydrogen and air with platinum catalysts in varied vehicular and stationary applications is constrained due to high cost and low efficiency. MEAn Technologies, proprietary process boosts power output by 40%, provides extended operation at lower voltage and temperature and is a significant breakthrough enabling access to growing markets for clean energy.

  • We have contracted with Fuel Cell Etc. for third party validation and have a signed LOI with Fuel Cell Etc. to explore the development of a NYS Centric manufacturing company upon validation.
  • We have an arrangement with Renewable Energy Holdings, LLC for the use of a 5 cell Fuel Cell that is being set up at Fuel Cell Etc. for validation testing of a stack with multiple cells. Their President,Mike Striziki, has engaged us as an industry expert and consultant focused on integrating our technology into his offerings.
  • We are coating membranes for Ballard Power for testing in their commercial test protocols. 
  • We have submitted application for a DOE grant award to further fund and develop our technology.
  • We have been selected as an "Idea Champion" for StonyBrook University's "Innovation Boot Camp" scheduled for 3/2016.