Current Teams

Cycle 3: MetaRE - Cool roof coatings that reduce production costs by 50% and AC costs by 20%

Home Institution: Columbia University

The Team
Entrepreneurial Lead - April Tian (left)
Technical Lead - Nanfang Yu (right)
The Project

Through our innovative paint products, we share the latest discoveries in nano-photonics with everyone, everywhere. While being 50% cheaper, our multi-function product makes your roof top cooler, more colorful, and cuts your air conditioning bill by 20%. Our products is compatible with all common roofing materials, making it a nice addition to both existing roofs and new roofs.

The team began conducting a pilot test with a roofer on Fall 2016, noting immediate reduction in roof temperatures after the application of the coating. They will continue to monitor the pilot site to test the durability the product for the coming year.