Current Teams

Cycle 3: NanoSulf - Catalytic Removal of Hydrogen Sulfide Contamination From Gases

Home Institution: Stony Brook University

The Team
Technical Lead - Devinder Mahajan (left)
Entrepreneurial Lead - Julia Hasty (middle)
Team Member - David Tonjes (right)
The Project

Methane sources (landfills, wastewater facilities) naturally produce hydrogen sulfide (H2S) contaminated "biogas" that pose nuisance to public. Once H2S is removed, methane can be harvested for power and fuel use. NanoSulf™ is a self-renewing catalytic process that improves over commercial H2S removal methods by requiring less frequent media changes and is a drop-in replacement, thus reducing capital and operational costs. The process is modular that moderates overall process cost by 30%.