Current Teams

Cycle 4: Sun Hunter - High efficiency solar power pack for outdoors and off-grid renewable energy applications

Home Institution: CUNY

The Team
Entrepreneurial Lead - Mark Ebrahim (middle right)
Technical Lead - Yuhang Ren (far right)
Mentor - John Humphrey (middle left)
Mentor - Diego Haddad (far left)
The Project

The project aims to develop super-capacitor buffered solar power packs for outdoor and off-grid renewable energy applications. An excellent match of electrical impedance between the solar panel and supercapacitor in our design will improve solar energy storage efficiency from 40-50% to 90% and nearly double battery lifetime. Benefits of the system w ill also be achieved with high power density, flexibility, and significantly reduced weight. We expect at least 20-30% balance of system decrease. our initial and target markets include off-grid video surveillance solution providers and portable power packs for emergency response teams, military mobile power systems, and outdoor enthusiasts.