Current Teams

Cycle 4: Trainspotting - Reducing energy and maintenance costs in rail freight transportation through video analysis and forecasting

Home Institution: Stony Brook University

The Team
Entrepreneurial Lead - Tim Vercruysse (middle)
Technical Lead - Steven Skiena (left)
Mentor - Patrick Verdonck (right)
The Project

Trainspotting is a data service that automatically monitors freight trains to detect wheel drag conditions using novel computer vision and machine learning techniques and attribute fuel cost to individual train car wheels. This enables freight line operators to save up to 1% fuel cost and reduce unanticipated down time by proactively targeting maintenance activity. This will yield $200M in yearly fuel savings for the North American rail freight market translating to an estimated $33M yearly revenue. A geographically dispersed network of sensors will also allow Trainspotting to sell shipping data in the financial information market for $16M yearly revenue.