Current Teams

Cycle 4: Solary-Hygro Technologies - Evaporation-driven generators for hydro-electric to increase electricity and water revenues

Home Institution: Columbia University

The Team
Entrepreneurial Lead - Onur Cakmak (right)
Technical Lead - Ozgur Sahin (left)
The Project

Natural evaporation is an untapped source of renewable energy. Our patented technology enables power generation from evaporation at open bodies of water such as reservoirs of hydroelectric power plants. We made proof-of-concept devices that sit right above water surface and generate electricity as water evaporates through the device. Our technology promises renewable energy at a substantially lower upfront cost, as well as a lower overall cost throughout the life of the project. Another benefit of the technology is the conservation of water due to reduction of evaporative losses, which will provide an additional revenue stream in arid regions.