Best 2000 Watt Generators: Review And Buying Guide

Written by Tatiana. Last updated October 18, 2021

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Best 2000 Watt Generators

The best 2000 watt generators can come in handy when traveling in an RV or going camping. They can also be a big help in powering a few devices when you have an unexpected blackout at home or in the office. 

These generators are typically small in size, much like their capacity. This makes them easy to store and bring out in an emergency. 

You can keep a few essential electronics running for work like a laptop and printer. At home, it can allow you to keep your refrigerator on and avoid stored food becoming spoilt. 

Our 2000 watt generator review will help guide you to the top picks in the market.

Quick Picks

Best Rated 2000 Watt Generators of 2021

Editor’s Choice


WEN 56200I Closed Inverter Generator by WEN

WEN 56200i by WEN
  • An eco-mode feature that boosts running time and slows fuel consumption
  • Parallel capabilities that lets users run two inverter generators for double the power
  • Clean power with limited harmonic distortion makes it safe for powering sensitive electronics

This compact 2000 generator features an efficient 4-stroke 79.7cc OHV engine that runs at a relatively low noise level of 53 decibels at quarter load. This makes it suitable for use in quiet environments like parks and at home. The engine is contained within a closed frame that helps make it easy to clean and protect internal parts from outside interferences like dust, wind, and animal activity. 

Its ability to limit harmonic distortion to under 1.2% ensures that stable power can be supplied to sensitive electronics without fear of damage. It provides two 120V 20A three-prong outlets, a USB port, and a 12V DC 8.3A receptacle. 

With inverter technology, the wattage can be doubled by using two parallel generators. The 1600 watts of rated power fueled by a tank of 1 gallon is sufficient for powering a few appliances with a run time of 6 hours at half load. Its compact size and weight of just 48 pounds makes it easy for just one person to carry it around.

Best Gas-Powered Generator


SUA2000iV by A-iPower

SUA2000iV by A-iPower
  • Uses inverter technology that generates pure sine wave power
  • Built-in fuel gauge to track fuel consumption
  • Ultra quiet operation

Being gas-powered makes this generator very convenient as it is the most easily sourced fuel. This small lightweight portable inverter generator is easy to carry around given its just 46-pound weight. Its compact design also allows for easy storage.

Running on a 79cc engine that produces 2000 watt starting power and 1600 watt running power, it manages to be relatively quiet, producing a noise level of just 58 decibels. This makes it ideal for use even in the home or in an RV, without worry it will bother others or interfere with sleep.

It uses inverter technology that provides clean power with a total harmonic distortion of less than 3%. This makes it safe for powering up sensitive electronics like mobile phones and laptops. It has a fuel capacity of 1.1 gallons, which can support a run time of about 7 hours on half-load. The built-in fuel gauge is a helpful feature that allows you to easily check on the amount of fuel remaining in the tank at a glance.

Best Dual Fuel Generator


XP2200EH by DuroMax

XP2200EH by DuroMax
  • Dual-fuel capability that allows for more flexible choice of fuel source
  • Inverter technology that protects sensitive electronics being charged
  • Full feature power panel with a wide selection of outlets for maximum compatibility

The XP2200EH is the best of dual-fuel options that are economical and environmentally-friendly to operate. Because you have two types of fuel you can use, gasoline and liquid propane, it makes it easier to keep running during emergencies when fuels can become scarce. Propane is a great alternative fuel source that can be stored for long periods without deteriorating and is cheaper than gasoline. 

The XP2200EH uses inverter technology, meaning low harmonic distortion that makes it safe to use in powering sensitive electronic equipment. This technology also allows for the parallel use of two such generators to double the power supply. Its small build weighs in at just 46 pounds, making it easy to carry around.

This generator is EPA and CARB approved. It comes with a low-oil shutoff feature that automatically shuts down the generator when it detects low fuel levels. A good safeguard when you cannot constantly monitor fuel levels. The power panel includes two 120V household GFCI outlets that are also good for protecting against electric shocks. 

 But hold on. While these are our top recommendations, we know they might not be available in your area. They may even go out of stock before you have a chance to order. That does not mean there are no good products still available. Here is a helpful guide on how to make a good choice of generator from the options still out there.

Tips for Choosing the Best 2000 Watt Generators

With so many products and 2000 watt generator reviews to be found online, it can be hard to figure out your best choice. Here are a few key factors to consider as you consider your options. 

  1. Budget

Pricing will always matter as you can only buy what you can afford. You need to set a reasonable budget for your needs. Thankfully, being the smaller sized category of generators, 2000 watt products are typically the lowest priced. The more features and newer technology they offer, the more expensive they will be. But even new features like low fuel level safeguards are worth the extra cost. 

You also need to factor in running, maintenance, and repair costs. Low maintenance options like closed frame inverters will be a bit costlier. Dual fuel choices that make use of low-cost fuels like propane may be cheaper to run in the long term. 

But this will again be affected by how frequently you expect to use the generator. If just for emergencies that happen a few times a year, it will be cheaper than if you regularly go camping. 

  1. Capacity

Before buying a generator you need to understand your power needs. If for home emergency use, you need to determine what appliances you require to keep running. Check on their wattage use and estimate the size of generator you should buy to meet this need. This should include appliances that need to continuously run, like refrigerators, and those you will plug in once in a while like laptops and smartphones. 

If you cannot easily find out the specific wattage used by your devices, look up online resources to make a reasonable estimate. Do not buy a generator that is less than you need. 

  1. Specifications

Once you have a good idea of the specs you need, search for generators that can serve your needs. But do not just be focused on wattage. Check on the different designs and what they can mean. 

For instance, many of the best 2000 watt generators make use of inverter technology. This makes them quieter and safer for powering sensitive electronics. This may not matter as much at a construction site, but will certainly be beneficial for home use and when camping. 

  1. Safety

When dealing with an electric device you want to be assured of safety. Be on the lookout for equipment that comes with safety features like low fuel level shutoffs, carbon monoxide sensors [1], and spark arrestors [2]. EPA and CARB compliance is also ideal where you will enter sensitive areas like forests and parks. You do not want anything that can start a spark or flame. 

  1.  Transport

Our selection of the best 2000 watt generators are all portable. This means they are of a compact size that makes them easy to carry from location to location. If the purpose of your generator is to serve you on the road, then you will certainly need a portable option. Their small size however also means low capacity. 

Standby generators are usually bigger, require more space, and have greater capacity. They can however serve more powerful appliances and for a longer runtime. They however are more expensive and require an outdoor space designated for safe storage.


How long does a 2000-watt generator last on one tank of fuel?

The capacity of the fuel tank and amount of load have a significant impact. More load means faster fuel consumption. Many 2000-watt generators running at full power will use up about three-quarters of a gallon of gasoline in an hour. If running at less than full load, the run-time can be extended by hours.

Manufacturers will indicate the expected run time of the generator, often based on half or quarter load. Check with the product manual to confirm what kind of run-time you can expect with your generator.

Certain technologies used by manufacturers can also affect the run-time of a generator. Generators with some form of eco-mode will have the engine revolutions optimized to conserve fuel and extend run time.

In terms of durability, most 2000-watt generators of reasonable quality can be expected to last anywhere between 1000-2000 hours of use. So this duration will mostly depend on how frequently you make use of the generator and are good about performing maintenance.

Why choose a 2000-watt generator with inverter technology?

Inverter generators provide clean stable power that helps protect sensitive electronics when being powered. The low harmonic distortion ensures circuits are not damaged. Besides mobiles and laptops, there are now larger appliances like washing machines and microwaves that use sensitive technology, like touchscreens, that can be easily damaged by wildly fluctuating power. Since 2000-watt generators can be used to power such appliances in RVs, the home and office, it makes sense to ensure they are protected by using inverter technology.

What can a 2000-watt generator run?

This size of a generator can run a variety of appliances you have in the home, office, RV, or recreationally. Here are some of the common estimates:

  • Modern refrigerator with freezer compartment – 700 watts
  • Space heater – 1800 watts
  • Microwave – 1000 watts
  • Laptop -50 watts
  • Television – 85 watts

Can a 2000-watt generator power a refrigerator?

When there is a power outage at home, one of the biggest concerns is the refrigerator. If it remains too long without power, the food can begin to spoil and lead to wastage. It can also later cause the fridge to start smelling badly.

A 2000-watt generator is good enough to power most small to mid-sized energy star rated refrigerators. These appliances may need up to about 1200 watts for starting power. Once the compressor kicks in, this can come down to about 200 watts of running power.

This means you should only connect your fridge to the generator to start up. Once the compressor is working you will have about 1800 watts remaining to power other devices.

Why choose a 2000-watt generator?

Generators of this power tend to be of a compact size that makes it easy to carry around and store. This is especially important if on the road and your vehicle has limited space to work with.

Though it may not power all appliances in the home, you can hook up the most important ones like the refrigerator and be assured of steady power supply. Same goes for when in the office and need to keep machines like computers, printers, and cash registers working. If tailgating or going camping, it should be good enough for your basic needs.

2000-watt generators are also highly affordable, even when bought new. With smaller engine sizes, these generators are also more economical to fuel. There is also flexibility in terms of choice of fuel. Generators can be powered by gasoline, propane, diesel, natural gas and solar energy. Dual fuel options allow you to make use of two fuels.


By incorporating a few key factors during your search for the best 2000 watt generators you can ensure you get good value for money. Set a budget and estimate your power needs based on the appliances you need to keep running. Look up available choices in your price range and consider the different specs and features on offer. Consider safety features that can help protect your life and property. 

The WEN 56200i closed inverter generator is our top pick of 2000 watt generator. Its innovative technology makes it ideal for powering sensitive equipment we use daily like laptops and smartphones. Its closed design is also easy to keep clean, is quiet, and of a compact size that makes storage easy. 

Being portable and of lightweight design means you can carry it anywhere you need it, be it to a campground, tailgate, or during an emergency. Its versatile panel lets you easily switch to eco-mode and provides access to a good range of outlets with good compatibility. 

Did you find these reviews useful? Do let us know what you thought of our recommendations in the comment section below and what else you think we should have included when choosing a 2000-watt generator.


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