Best Dual Fuel Generators: Reviews and Buying Guide

Written by Tatiana. Last updated May 18, 2021

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Best Dual Fuel Generators

Have you ever found yourself cut out of the world because of a total power outage? It is surely one of the most common problems among homeowners which can result in a range of devastating outcomes. However, if it is possible to survive without a washing machine, the absence of heating may become critical. At this point, having the best dual fuel generator seems to be the only solution that is universal, effective, and ultimately helpful. Once you purchase one, you can be 100% confident your house and your family will be safe no matter what. 

If you have never heard about the advantageous specifications and peculiarities of dual fuel generators, it is time to view some of the most dependable, functional, and cost-effective options.

Quick Picks

Top 3 Best-Rated Dual Fuel Generators Customers Appreciate

Once you have found yourself struggling to choose the best dual fuel generator that can advance the quality of your life to a completely new level, you should be selective and attentive to detail. There is no need to give up the idea just because you cannot make the right choice. 

What makes homeowners search for dual fuel generators? Here’s the deal:

  •     They are more reliable, flexible, and convenient;
  •     They can potentially last longer;
  •     They feature excellent performance in different conditions. 

If you look through any dual fuel generator review, you will notice that the overwhelming majority of currently available ones are affordable and effective for homeowners. However, it is critical to purchase the one that will not only meet your requirements but also contribute to your comfort. What are the factors for the homeowner to pay attention to? 

  •     Power output;
  •     Simplicity of use;
  •     Safety;
  •     Portability;
  •     Noise level;
  •     Affordability and a plethora of other features. 

Surfing the Internet in search of the best dual fuel portable generator, you will find countless options but it is critical to focus on the most cost-effective ones.

Best Overall


DuroMax XP12000EH Generator-12000 Watt Gas or Propane Powered

DuroMax XP12000EH Generator-12000 Watt Gas or Propane Powered

A powerful, durable, and affordable DuroMax XP12000EH will satisfy the needs of literally every homeowner. Check out the basic specifications of the DuroMax portable dual fuel generator that contribute to its reputation:

  • Power. This is probably one of the basic features that make the Pulsar dual fuel generator appreciated among customers. It is the best match for people who own big houses as it can serve as an excellent backup power source for both your home and business. I bought this one for my parents, and they claim it to be universal and easy to use for both small and big premises;
  • Flexibility. The dual-fuel technology and comparatively small dimensions contribute to the maximum versatility and portability of the generator. My mom can easily transport and use the generator when no one else is around to help;
  • Durability. Do you live in an area where power outage is a usual experience? Pulsar portable dual fuel generator will guarantee over 12 hours of continuous run time, which is several hours more than offered by similar alternatives.

Best for Fast and Flawless Work


Champion Power Equipment 4750/3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator with Electric Start

Champion Power Equipment 4750-3800-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator with Electric Start

In general, it is one of the most impressive options for homeowners who do not have huge mansions but suffer from frequent power outages. 

  • Simplicity of use. The first and the most important feature that makes the Champion Power Equipment dual fuel generator stand out from the crowd of its alternatives is its fast and easy use. It does not usually take me more than a few seconds to start it, as besides, it requires no extra assembly;
  • Low noise level. If you look through the list of the best dual fuel generators, you will find that most of them are too noisy. Unlike other options we have previously had, the Champion Power Equipment generator has never disturbed our sleep, still providing the necessary power to run the basic home appliances;
  • Transportability. Never-flat tires are another impressive feature that contributes to the dependability and convenience of generator use. Even my wife can easily transport it to the backyard without any problems.

Best Durability


Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WGen3600DF Dual Fuel (Gas and Propane) Electric Start Portable Generator

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment WGen3600DF Dual Fuel (Gas and Propane) Electric Start Portable Generator

Comparing Westinghouse to the alternative options, you will notice considerable differences, especially when it comes to the run time and convenience of use. 

  • Simplicity of use. Although this dual fuel generator is a bit heavier and more massive than its previous alternatives, it is easy to start and use. Just unpack the device and relish its flawless work;
  • Run time. The device offers over 18 hours of runtime on gasoline and 11 hours on propane so you should not worry about the safety of your home appliances. I had an opportunity to test it and can say for sure it worked only 15 hours on gasoline and 8 hours on propane, which is a bit less than claimed by the manufacturer;
  • Affordability. Irrespective of the beneficial features and ultimate level of power, the dual fuel generator is offered at a reasonable and competitive cost.

Important Features that Can Help You Select the Best Dual Fuel Generator

Dual fuel generators, which are also known as hybrids, are exclusive options that will contribute not only to the comfort of your life but also to its safety. According to the dual fuel generator reviews which are abundant online, there is an unlimited number of options available. On the one hand, such an impressive variety may be beneficial, as users always have a choice, but, on the other hand, the overwhelming majority of new homeowners get confused when making the final choice. What’s the bottom line?

  • The diversity of dual propane generators is huge but customers are not aware of how to choose the most reliable and suitable item;
  • Users pay little to no attention to the meaningful features and specifications of the products.

Is it real for an average customer to opt for the best dual fuel generator (1)? 

Is the final result worth an effort?

Check out the five most important advantages of dual fuel generators that will help you make the right decision. 

At this point, it is critical to emphasize that buying a dual fuel generator is a considerable investment. However, the ability to switch between numerous types of fuel is critical for some households. Do you still doubt whether the propane and gas generator is right what you need? Have a look at the basic features and specifications of the items that may help you set aside your concerns and start looking for a beneficial and convenient item:

  • Economical. A dual fuel generator is one of the most important investments you could ever have made. If you have a look at the information on how much money you can save (2) owning a similar item, you will have no more doubts. It is inevitable to mention that instead of a single type of fuel you can use, which is commonly gasoline, you will get another alternative that is usually cheaper. Consequently, you will get an opportunity to have the necessary source of power for your home at a reasonable cost. Additionally, it is indispensable to say that according to the unlimited number of opinions, using propane in generators contributes to the fuel efficiency of the device;
  • Convenient. At first, when you look through the list of dual fuel generators and their features, you may get confused. Most of them are equipped with advanced options and complex features that guarantee ultimate functioning. At the same time, most devices feature remote start or push-to-start, which simplifies the user’s task. Besides, it will not take much effort to switch between different fuel sources, as you will just have to press the button, use a switch, or a little lever. Some devices allow homeowners to switch between propane and gas while the appliances are still running. An unlimited number of other features, such as intelligent gauges, RV, household and DC outlets, tool kits, will surely contribute to the convenience and simplicity of the dual fuel generator use;
  • Flexibility. Why do people purchase generators? One of the basic reasons is for an emergency power outage or similar instances. What makes dual fuel generators stand out from the crowd of their alternatives? There is hardly any homeowner who would be happy to run out of gas in the most unexpected moment. Thus, a dual fuel unit is right what you need to keep the whole house running, irrespective of the circumstances. The maximum versatility and flexibility of the unit are ultimately appreciated among people who live in areas susceptible to earthquakes and hurricanes. Owning a high-quality dual fuel generator, you are likely to get over 24 hours of continuous power;
  • Easy maintenance. Propane is the component that burns much cleaner than gas, which is associated with the reduced maintenance of the device. There is no need to worry about the significant damage that can be caused by the buildup that gets into the internal elements. Besides, most generators are compact, so you can store them conveniently in the garage or any other place;
  • Portability. Do you love to travel? Is camping your favorite way to have a day off? Focus on smaller, portable dual fuel generators that can be easily transported to any place. Most devices feature never-flat tires and foldable handles that contribute to the maneuverability of the generator.


Are dual fuel generators worth attention?

There is hardly any homeowner who hasn’t considered purchasing a high-quality generator that can serve as a source of power in emergency cases. At this point, it is critical to mention that the popularity of dual fuel devices has grown considerably in the past few years. They are not only convenient but also versatile and affordable. If you look through the online market, you will come across a variety of dual fuel generators offered at a hilarious cost.

Are cheap dual fuel generators as functional as their expensive alternatives?

The choice of the dual fuel generator may depend on several factors, including the size of your house and the frequency of the item use. However, if you strive to make a meaningful and beneficial investment, you should consider units offered at an average or even higher cost.

Why are dual fuel generators getting increasingly popular?

Although the overwhelming majority of homes are equipped with the most different appliances that guarantee convenient living, none of these items will help when you are out of power. At this point, a dual fuel generator is right what you need for a comfortable life in emergencies.

Browsing the online market, you will come across a variety of beneficial options worth attention, but nothing can be compared to a reliable and powerful dual fuel generator. As mentioned by experienced users, such options are not only powerful but also convenient, easy-to-use, versatile, and affordable. By buying a top-tier dual fuel generator, a homeowner gets a source of continuous power that may last for over 20 hours. Additionally, advanced features, such as remote start and simple switching to a different fuel, contribute to the overall appreciation of the device.

What is the average cost of the dual fuel generator?

No matter if you are looking for a dual fuel generator or any other device, you should focus on the quality rather than the cost. Check out the reviews and comments of previous customers to get detailed information about the specifications of the item’s functioning and minor downsides of its use. Compare the available options and select the one that meets your needs, preferences, and financial expectations. Keep in mind that the device that costs $500 can sometimes be more effective than the one which is twice as expensive.

Do dual fuel generators run on natural gas?

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the dual fuel generators currently available on the market don’t run on natural gas. However, there are specific kits that may help you get the necessary result. Read the manual to get the maximum out of the device without any risks.

Is it difficult to start the dual fuel generator?

Simplicity of use is one of the most important features of dual fuel generators that contribute to their increasing popularity and demand on the market. A remote start is a feature most devices have so that the user will be able to start the generator from his/her home, car, or any other place. It is an ultimately beneficial feature for emergency instances when you cannot go outside.

Final Word

The online market is filled with beneficial dual fuel generators that can advance the user’s convenience to an ultimately new level. Finally, after I have had an opportunity to test and review several options available on the market, I can come up with personal conclusions. 

How is it possible to opt for the best unit and make no mistake? Compare the available options and select the one that meets your needs and requirements the most. If you do not need a super-powerful dual fuel generator, DuroMax XP12000EH Generator-12000 Watt Gas or Propane Powered will be the top choice. Why do I claim it to be the most beneficial one?

  •     It is highly versatile and functional;
  •     It features a low noise level;
  •     It is easy to start;
  •     It does not require extra assembly;
  •     It is affordable;
  •     It is compact.

The list of DuroMax XP12000EH Generator advantages is not limited to the above-mentioned points. However, these are the basic features customers appreciate. Have you ever had an opportunity to use this dual fuel generator or take advantage of a similar item? Feel free to share your experience as your comment may considerably simplify the task of new homeowners choosing among several dual fuel generators.

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