Best Propane Generators: Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Written by Tatiana. Last updated May 18, 2021

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Best Propane Generators

Power outage is undeniably one of the most devastating problems for homeowners. It may cause numerous inconveniences, starting with spoiled food in the fridge and up to critically low temperatures in the house. Having the best propane generator can improve the situation and provide users with an additional source of electricity for emergency cases. It is an essential tool that can keep the house running until the time the power is restored. 

Have you ever been wondering why homeowners buy propane generators? Here’s the deal:

  • They can produce enough energy to keep the food in the fridge fresh, lights on, and a space heater powered;
  • They can be used in the most distant areas off the grid. 

How is it possible to purchase the most efficient propane generator? What items offer the best value for the price? Check out the three most appreciated and cost-effective generators out there:

Quick Picks

3 Best-Rated Propane Generators Worth Your Attention

Reading propane generator reviews, customers frequently pay attention to power output as the most significant feature. However, there is a considerable number of other attributes and specifications that should be taken into account, including:

  • Portability;
  • Outlet types;
  • Noise level;
  • Safety;
  • Cost and several others. 

Browsing the web, you may come across an unlimited number of propane generators, but no one wants just a good item; everyone searches for the best one.

Best Overall


DuroMax XP5500EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

DuroMax XP5500EH Dual Fuel portable Generator

The DuroMax XP5500EH propane generator is the beast of a machine that gets into the first spot when it comes to the overall rating. The item allows taking the maximum advantage of the dual-fuel option, making it last even longer. What makes it the best propane generator?

  • Power. The generator features 5,500 starting watts and 4,500 running watts, which is enough to power essentials around the house, specifically lights, refrigerators, AC units, and other household devices. While some users specify that the item can work for around 12 hours, I could enjoy only 9 hours of its flawless work. Presumably, it has happened because of too many devices and appliances powered by the generator;
  • Adjustable settings. An ability to set the generator helps to power both 240-volt and 120-volt outlets, which turned out to be ultimately convenient for my home;
  • Noise level. The noise DuroMax makes resembles the sound of the washing machine or a vacuum cleaner. If compared to similar items, its noise level is higher than that of Champion Power Equipment 100402 2000-Watt Generator, but a bit lower than Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator.

Best for Quiet Work


Champion Power Equipment 100402 2000-Watt Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100402 2000-Watt Generator

One of the most important knocks of generators is the noise level they produce. While the overwhelming majority of items, like Champion Power Equipment 6900/5500-Watt Generator, DuroMax XP13000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator, and other appliances available on the market run at 70 decibels, the Champion Power Equipment 100402 puts out 53 decibels, which is exceptionally important for families with small kids or geriatric members. What makes the item appreciated? 

  • Noise level. It is undeniably one of the most critical features that make it stand out from the crowd. You will not have to suffer from a noisy generator that just keeps your electrical units going;
  • Power. Although the generator is comparatively quiet, it is still powerful enough to keep the essentials running;
  • Size. The generator is not only quiet but also compact so that it can be stored not only in the garage but in a small utility room.

Best for Small Homes


Champion Power Equipment 76533 4750/3800-Watt

Champion Power Equipment 76533

Reading propane generator reviews, homeowners strive to choose the item that will meet their requirements and preferences. Thus, there is no need to purchase a large and heavy device if you have a small house. Instead, you may focus on a compact, portable, and quiet one that will be easy to use. What features made me choose Champion Power Equipment  75533 from a diversity of alternative options? Check out several most important specs that convinced me to purchase this device:

  • Size. If you own a small house, you do not have much space to store the item, as well as the need to produce a lot of power. If compared to DuroMax XP5500EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator, it produces less power, but it is also much easier to be stored;
  • Noise level. The item features 68 decibels, which is much lower than the usual noise level offered by similar generators, like DuroMax XP13000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator, Durostar DS10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator, and a range of other items;
  • Power. Irrespective of its small size, the generator remains powerful, putting out 4,750 starting and 3,800 running watts, which are enough for most homes. The power it produces is enough to keep most of my home appliances running.

Top 8 Factors to Consider Choosing the Propane Generator

It’s no wonder that nowadays generators can be purchased online. However, the main questions remain the same: How is it possible to purchase the best one? What characteristics do the best items have? 

Unfortunately, browsing the web, you will find a lot of controversial propane generator reviews and comments. What’s the bottom line?

  • Consumers do not know how to opt for the necessary option;
  • Consumers ignore the basic features and characteristics of the items. 

Is there a chance for an average user to succeed, selecting a propane generator for home use?

Are propane generators worth it?

Here are the top 8 features that can help you be a wise buyer, making a reasonable choice. Weigh their significance before you make the final choice. 

#1. Wattage

It is the first and the most important factor that should be taken into account as you look through the variety of available options. How can you know how much power you need to keep the house running in emergency instances?

Browsing the Internet, you can find an unlimited number of online calculators that will simplify your task and give you a better understanding of the propane generator wattage you need. On average, a 4,000-5,000-watt item is enough to power basic home appliances, such as lights, refrigerators, and similar items.

However, you should focus on more powerful 9,000-10,000-watt models if you need to run systems that require more power. Take your time to estimate the power you need for basic home devices and appliances and opt for the corresponding generator. 

#2. Starter

The efficiency of the generator functioning will depend on the starter type a lot. Most commonly, users choose either recoil or electric starter. The first one features a few moving parts, which makes it easy to maintain. Additionally, there is no need to purchase an extra battery for this type of starter, and they are usually a cheaper alternative.

At the same time, it is inevitable to mind that it may take more time and effort to get it started. An electronic starter, on the other hand, is much more convenient and easy to use, as you will have to do nothing except for hitting the button. However, the item will not work with a drained battery.

#3. Portability

Why do you need a generator? Do you want to take it to the campsite or use it within the yard? How many electric devices will you have to power? Now: 

  • The most powerful generators are the biggest;
  • Big generators are not portable as they weigh around 300 pounds. 

If you are looking for a powerful generator, a 10,000-watt model, for instance, you should be ready to get a heavy item, which is difficult to transport. However, it is not a big deal for users who strive to use the machine within their homes. Even so, it is recommended to focus on items with wheels, as they may be of great help if you strive to move the generator to a different place. 

At the same time, portable generators are much more convenient for users who need a constant course of power far away from civilization. Devoted camping fans and adventurers prefer small, portable items that still provide ample power. Take some propane to fill the generator and enjoy a problem-free vacation somewhere in the woods, near the lake, or just in the rural area.

#4. Noise

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, the noise level is one of the most significant concerns for customers who strive to get a powerful propane generator. The reason is simple:

  • Generators are usually loud;
  • The more powerful item you get, the more patient you need to be.

Most propane generators offer a 70-decibel rate, with the quietest options running at approximately 55 decibels. Do you want to hear the sound of the car engine working nonstop in your yard? Families who live in small houses can opt for less powerful generators that create little noise. Nonetheless, it is inevitable to remember that quieter generators are less powerful. 

#5. Gauges

Simpler, less expensive propane generators are easy to use and maintain. However, more expensive models are usually equipped with LCDs and other elements that make their use more comfortable. Some generators can be connected to an app, providing users with an opportunity to control the item from any distance. 

These features are, undeniably, beneficial but not crucial. Instead, you need to make sure the item you have chosen has an indicator that shows the level of propane left. Additionally, some other indicators (oil level, for instance) can help you take care of the item and keep it running longer.

#6. Safety

What makes people opt for propane generators? Compare two options to understand the basic differences between gasoline and propane items and make the right choice. Generally, propane is likely to put out fewer pollutants than alternative generator types. Consequently, such items are much safer for the environment.

However, irrespective of the undeniably high safety level, propane generators should not be used in enclosed spaces as they produce carbon monoxide which is dangerous and life-threatening. Additionally, double-check if the generator you have chosen has an auto shut-off feature that contributes to the safety of its use, keeping both the machine and its owners damage-free. 

#7. Price

Searching the Internet, you will find hundreds of propane generators available at the most different costs. There is always a temptation to purchase the cheaper one.


Will the cheap item work?

How long will it last?

These are the questions you should ask the moment you come across propane generators offered at hilarious costs. Focus on the average-cost items manufactured by reputable and appreciated companies as it is your way to success.

#8. Warranty

When you spend a pretty good sum of money on a high-quality, powerful, and convenient propane generator, you want it to last. Therefore, a warranty is another factor that may influence your choice.

On average, manufacturers offer a 1-3-year warranty, but it is critical to check out its terms and conditions. While some producers offer a comprehensive warranty, others will just cover the cost of specific parts and elements.


Propane vs. gas generator. Which one is more beneficial?

It is one of the most common questions people ask. Generally, it is difficult to compare these items as both of them have certain pros and cons. However, it is inevitable to mind the following statement: propane generators may sometimes be less powerful and efficient if compared to gas items. At the same time, they are much safer for their users and the environment. Therefore, it is up to you to weigh all the pros and cons and make the right choice.

Can propane generators be dangerous?

Propane is a safe element that is used to power the generator. If compared to alternative items that are available on the market, propane generators are much safer for the surrounding nature and people as they burn cleaner. At the same time, it is inevitable to remember that even the best item requires regular maintenance to remain safe and efficient.

Is it safe to use propane generators indoors?

Experienced homeowners who have already used generators should know about carbon monoxide and its devastating impact on the organism. Although propane generators are much safer than gas ones, they still produce a certain amount of this element which can be deadly for a person. Thus, it is not advised to use the generator in an enclosed space.

How loud can propane generators be?

The noise level propane generators create may vary a lot, starting with 50 decibels and up to 80. This feature depends mainly on the power it produces, which means that the more powerful item you get, the noisier it will be.

How can I choose the best propane generator to suit my needs?

There are several features and specifications that can help you opt for the best propane generator. However, it is inevitable to remember that not all customers need the most durable and efficient items. Instead, you need to focus on the peculiarities that will meet your preferences and needs. Besides, it is indispensable to opt for the most quality generator in its price range.

Final Word

With the detailed information about various specifications of propane generators, finding the best one will not be a problem. The most challenging task here is to acknowledge your needs and opt for the item that will meet all the requirements. How much wattage do you need to keep your house running? How much money are you ready to spend? What size appliance can you store? These are the basic questions that will guide you and help you make the right choice. 

If you do not own a huge mansion, Champion Power Equipment 100402 may be your top choice. As you could have already understood, I own a middle-sized house, so the item seems to be the most beneficial for my accommodation. Apart from the exceptional versatility, the device has a plethora of other features that helped me make the final choice:

  • It is ultimately affordable;
  • Customers highlight that the item offers the best quality for the price;
  • The appliance is portable so that it can be used both indoors and outdoors;
  • Although it is not too powerful, it may still keep the basic electronic devices running in emergency instances. 

These are only a few reasons that let me appreciate Champion Power Equipment the most. Have you had experience choosing and using a propane generator? Do you know how to make the right choice and avoid possible mistakes? Feel free to leave your comments, as your recommendations and tips may help others to succeed. View the information, think twice before you spend a considerable sum of your family budget, and make sure the appliance you have opted for is 100% safe, efficient, and advantageous.

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